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Options to rent your property

Investing in a property is one of the wisest choice to expect good returns of your savings. While the property prices are soaring up every day and GST is about to make its waves, it is high time we consider the seriousness of the word ‘Investment’ and do the necessary thing. On the other hand if you have already invested in real estate and are clueless about what to do next, we are trying to give some insights into the options that are available to expect capital gains. Whether an apartment or an individual space that you may own, the choices […]

Buying or Selling a Property?- Things you should know

The real estate field is like the game of our life. You can decide to be a game changer, winner or be on the losing side, but one thing is quite inevitable. You have to ask questions. The more we ask questions the more we gain clarity and the less problems are there is for us to face.   Hence we will put through some basic questions that are unavoidable in the real industry for you to ask, whether you buy or sell a property. Ask questions for a better understanding Learn to ask questions. Socrates ended up giving his life for […]

GST and its impact on Real Estate

With innumerable debates and diversified opinions, the GST has created quite a stir in the country. Being the second largest employer in the country, the real estate sector also comes under the ambit of the GST and the level of impact is what everyone’s focus is on now. The effects of the Goods and Services Tax would be evident only from two to three years from now and it is highly premature to decide anything as of now, in regard to the success/failure of GST. What does GST impact do? The Real Estate Regulation Act was passed in the month of […]

Things to do to save our planet

“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land” Sitting in an Air-Conditioned room, having an 8 core processor system,travelling in a four wheeler for even short distances and writing an essay about “World Environment Day” is probably the most hypocritical thing to do. However, planting trees at your home, switching off the unused electrical appliances and conserving water to a large extent are the simple steps through which we can remain true to the belief of saving our planet for a better future sustainability. There is a huge technological leap and advancements in this 21st century and human […]

Things you need to know about RERA

Real Estate Regulation Act or RERA was a bill passed by the central Government on May 01, 2017, which comes as a relief to most home buyers. According to real estate analysts, RERA is advantageous for both the developers and buyers. Developers will gain the confidence and trust of the consumers and buyers will get a transparent and on time delivery of the projects with the new law in place. However there are certain things that both the buyers and developers need to know: RERA – A relief for Developers and Buyers * The RERA act will initiate the process […]