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Things to do to save our planet

“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land”
Sitting in an Air-Conditioned room, having an 8 core processor system,travelling in a four wheeler for even short distances and writing an essay about “World Environment Day” is probably the most hypocritical thing to do. However, planting trees at your home, switching off the unused electrical appliances and conserving water to a large extent are the simple steps through which we can remain true to the belief of saving our planet for a better future sustainability. There is a huge technological leap and advancements in this 21st century and human survival has almost become impossible to neglect the digital life and remain detached from the cosmopolitan way of life. While we have succumbed to this world of luxury and extravagance, we still can and should do our best by simple means to save and conserve our environment.

Save our planet

Save Our planet
The art of recycling

Recycle, Reuse, Recharge has become a mantra for conservationists. The year is 2017 and there is so much awareness about the concept of degradable and bio degradable waste and the Government has taken maximum steps to put this concept into use. So let’s not blame Government this time and put our effort to help people reuse and recycle the products.

Grow a garden

Irrespective of an apartment or an individual house, have a garden and grow veggies. Having an in-house garden is a form of a yoga where you get peace of mind watching these plants grow and thoroughly nutritious when you start consuming them. Also, going vegetarian once in a week is not only environment friendly but is also good for your health.

Conserve the resources

Leaving the tap closed while brushing your teeth, switching off the electrical appliances when not in use, frequent use of public transport, less usage of paper, using rechargable batteries, avoiding plastic bags, replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL ones are all some measures to conserve the energy and resources which can even be done in an effortless manner.

Supporting local food products

It’s definitely not that difficult to start consuming locally grown products. Locally grown food items are good for health, helps in weight loss and also supports our farmers. Eating local, is one among the best ways to conserve our environment, as a lot of cost cutting happens and transportation is evaded on a large scale.
While many scientists belive that Earth is far beyond the idea of saving after all the environmental devastation we put through, there is till a ray of hope somewhere in the far distance and it is upto us keep believing and taking necessary steps to make this planet a beautiful place and save it creatures from “impending doom”.