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It is always an eye soothing experience to witness greenery amongst a concrete jungle. Growing your supplies in your own garden is advantageous in many ways. Whether to take a stroll or to sit and relax, when you have your own gardens they serve you the ultimate purpose. Gone are the days when it was believed that maintaining your own garden was a high maintenance affair. Times have changed and irrespective of an independent house or apartment you live, there are customizable options to your convenience, to have your own garden.From minimal gardening options to semi-intensive to extensive gardening options, in-house gardening or private gardens are the order of the day. Let us look into some aspects of the importance of having a private garden and the benefits that you can reap out of it.

Your Own Garden

Garden, Flats

  1. Freshness under your roof:

    In a world where we get almost everything with rampant preservatives or artificially grown lab products, imagine you get to eat something live from the garden. You buy the seeds, you sow it, you water it and you finally reap it. There it is, no chemicals, no preservatives- straight out of nature!

  2. Impact on the nature:

    A garden is one of the many sources through which our planet go green again. Natural compost could be prepared for the plants from the kitchen waste which would in turn reduce the waste produce. Also, the more you use natural fertilizers, the ground water doesn’t get contaminated and reduces pollution. When you grow trees it helps in evaporation thereby giving more rains.

  3. Nature as medicines:

    While you get access to fresh fruits and vegetables, there are lot of medicinal attributes to many plants. For example, Aloe Vera is a common home grown plant that is rich in minerals and vitamins. Tulsi is another home grown plant that is loaded with goodness. Apart from medicinal plants, there are aromatic plants available to grow in a small space just to gain positive vibration. For more ideas on medicinal and aromatic plants do follow our instagram

  4. Happiness sowed, happiness reaped:

    The experience you gain by growing plants and trees at your place is completely out of the world. They give an ultimate visual experience that last longer and vibrates good energy all through the day. They also bring in an aesthetic sense to your house and they instill a lasting positive impact on the person who visit your household. Visiting your house after a tiring day and looking at these plants is the second best thing to that of returning home to your family or pet.

While the conventional methods of growing plants and trees at home has taken a new shape, the green future that we all aim to have is not far from today. The initiative for in-house gardening is not a hard task to encrypt and anyone with a passion towards growing their own fruits and vegetables can do a wonderful job with it. At Mount Housing’s Raindrop, every house is constructed with a private balcony with drip irrigation system, highly convenient for gardening. It is always in our hands to make the best possible use of every resource and create miracles out of it.