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Green buildings – a concept that has been widely formulated and accepted in the West. Green building refers to “a structure and process that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle: from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition.” By this initiative, it is ensured that the resources used in the construction processes are recycled, reused or utilized in a manner that doesn’t pose a threat to the environment.  This concept is slowly getting its due recognition in our country, where there is a huge necessity to conserve and preserve our environment.

Green Building

Green buildings | Mount housing

Energy efficient homes have become the talk of the town today. With interest rates hitting an all time low and the absolute requirement of housing for everyone, experts are finding an alternative to think on a plane that doesn’t affect the environment as well as serve the purpose to the common man. And as a source to all these concerns, green building comes as a valuable solution. With all these inferences, it is safe to assume that green buildings will start to rule the country in our near future and we can hope for a sustainable environment.  Let us also analyse some aspects as to why green buildings would be the future in construction industry.

Environmental Impact:

The main concern begins with the impact that it would cause on the surroundings. With recycled or reused products, locally sourced raw materials, products with long lifetime, goods that doesn’t give toxicity are the focussed on in the construction of a green building. All these aspects would be an eye opener from consumer viewpoint and help them take an informed decision.

Water savings:

When water scarcity is becoming rampant every day and amount of water consumed for the construction purpose is in unbelievable numbers, green buildings are an exact opposite in the usage of water consumption. In the case of our green buildings, water reduction is typically achieved through more efficient appliances, fixtures and fittings inside and water-wise landscaping outside, making a huge reduction of water.


While the initial certification to attain a green building/home may take time, the wait is definitely worth it. Also, if more awareness is created and more buildings are certified with IGBC certifications, the cost would drastically drop making it all the more affordable. The changes are happening at a steady pace and affordable green houses and building would become quite feasible.

Healthy Lifestyle:

The green buildings are basically energy efficient buildings/houses. There are some green buildings where the indoor atmosphere itself would produce the energy, being its own power plant. Some of the corporate companies in west are LEED Platinum Certified buildings which incorporate a green rooftop, rainwater collection systems and produces geothermal energy. These techniques are tried to be incorporated for a household as well, which would ensure a healthy lifestyle for a family.

When the health of a family is sealed with the help of green buildings, the society would witness its ascend in terms of development and infrastructure. At the forefront, the Government as well as the construction companies are looking forward to widen the ideology of green building and the more the awareness is among the people, undoubtedly they become the future of construction industry.