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Latest trends in designing your home ! A green lifestyle with Mount Housing !

They say “home is where heart is”. A house becomes a home when you put your heart and soul into making it the best place to live in. Home is a place where happiness prevails all the time and relationships are cherished in a memorable manner.  When you buy a new home of your choice and conveniences, you are going to begin a new life as well. So how can you make your life livelier by living in the perfect home? What is it that you and your family members look forward to every day from a house? Will designing and decorating your house to perfection really help lead a life that drips with perfection and satisfaction? Let’s decode the art of decorating your house and find why it is necessary to blend with the trend.

A green lifestyle with Mount Housing

green lifestyle

Interior decoration is not just an art, it is a science. To live in a place where everything has to be perfect in order to ignite positive vibes for a better understanding relationships among the members of the house is definitely a significant thing. Houses that are built with the traditional values of vaastus and shastras have always been significant in building the happiness of a family. Likewise, the interiors should also be made ideal so that it feels complete.

To begin with, the air that surrounds your place is an important factor in determining the quality of lifestyle in turn a green lifestyle for you. It is scientifically proved that, the air inside our houses are more polluted when compared to the air that’s outside our place. To combat this, the only option we have is to start adopting the mantra ’go green’ seriously in our lives. Try and buy items for your house that are labelled healthier and safer. For example, a carpet bough can be made with chemicals which after installation would only add more hazards by reacting with the surrounding and giving more troubles. Be more conscious in choosing the products that are not chemical friendly and easy to maintain at the same time for a green lifestyle.

There are lot fabrics that are available in bamboo, hemp, wicker which are harvested in an earth friendly manner and used for decorating purposes of residences. Using these fabrics will give an airy and light look to your room, making it more comfortable to live. Likewise choosing the paint for your house can sometimes be a daunting task. Whatever colour it may be, try and use paints that are wall friendly and earth friendly as well to entertain a green lifestyle. There are natural paints available today which are free of hetero chemical ingredients and are non toxic. Also a simple advice is that, light and natural colours could be more soothing and relaxing to your mind after a tiring day at work.

Apart from going green and using natural products for fabrics and paints, the decors that are used for decoration could be of great value. Experts suggest that using recycled wood would add greater eye appeal for visitors and helps in making your house look class. Also you can try naturally aged woods such as cedar, oak, fig to make class apart furniture that would define your home.

To make your home look big and roomy, start de-cluttering your house. Reduce or move away things that are unwanted and unused. Have an organised way of accommodating things to maximise the feeling of openness. Put on showcase only what looks good and necessary and remove everything else off. Also, avoid using huge or large furniture that may eat up a lot of space. If it is living room, install a chair that’s typically quarter the size of your hall. Same goes for dining room as well, where a small table depending upon the number of family members, will kook neat and cool. By this way your trying to make your home look big, elegant and eye appealing which will make it more lively.

The above tips and ideas are basic and primary where a nuclear family of four is to be accommodated in a house. They help in building a green lifestyle that would enhance the quality of the way we live in.  With more and more stress eating up our health, having a balanced life that provides room for happiness is absolutely mandatory and decorating our houses in good taste would act as a stress buster. The above mentioned are only basic and we would keep updating you on other methods that are required in today’s scenario.